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How we start


In March 2022 our team helped our Maldivian partner NGO "Save the Beach" to relocate more than 1500 coral colonies from a place, highly threatened by a big bridge building project. Those corals were used to restore a part of the Villingili (a local island next to the capital Malé) house reef.

IMG_3462 2.JPG

In July 2022 our marine biologist Pablo flew over to Maldives again to cartograph the whole relocation side in Villingili, to tag and photograph every single colony and to start collecting necessary data.

IMG_3454 2_edited.jpg

With these data we will find out, what conditions each and every species need to develop mature eggs and get ready to spawn. Those data will form the basis for our future work, where we will mimic these conditions in labs in order to make corals spawn in a safe, close environment and to achieve a higher survival rate of juvenile corals than in the ocean.

In the next step we will grow them to a certain size, before planting them out into the reef.

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