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How everything began


Toddy and Yami have known the Maldives for more than 20 and 15 years respectively and are deeply in love with this dream country, its people and its breathtaking nature.

As divers, the Maldivian underwater world is especially close to their hearts. That is why they have joined forces with the German Oceanographic Museum in Stralsund to do something for the conservation of the Maldivian reefs with passionate, scientific support and, above all, to create a greater awareness of the fragile reef ecosystem among the Maldivian population.

This is how Nicole and Mirko joined us and together we formed the Coral Doctors. Later, Nicole brought Pablo, a marine biologist with experience in the field of sexual reproduction of corals, and a colleague from Spain, whom she highly respected, into the team.

From 2015 until the end of 2019, our team has trained more than 100 mainly Maldivian divers and snorkellers to become coral gardeners. We held several small but intensive workshops with theoretical and practical lessons on 7 islands and helped them to start their own coral restoration projects.


Of course, Corona has made it impossible for us to hold any more coral courses for the past 2 years.

That’s why we came up with a new idea to help our beloved corals. Driven by the worldwide coral bleaching events that were also raging in the Maldives and because we were keen to do more for Maldivian reefs, we got in touch with Dr Jamie Craggs from the Coral Spawning Lab to learn from him and see if sexual reproduction could be our next level.

We startet to think bigger and bigger every day and now it’s time to initiate our new project! We are so very much excited now… and so extremely happy to have such amazing partners at our side: the German Oceanographic Museum, Save the Beach Maldives and the Coral Spawning Lab!


Thank you guys for your magnificent support!

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